Officers Country
The following pages are for and about officers who served on USS Morton DD 948
These pages are for individual officers to submit anything they wish for thier own web page. Pictures of then and now and the years in between. Pictures of family including grandchildren or Gr Grandchildren. Whatever anyone who wants a page of thier own wants to include.
These are your individual page. Just tell me what you want on it.    RICK PALMER
Commanding Officers Page
List of skippers and bio's in order of command
Thanks to Al Creasy for the
Skipper bio's
Captain's gig coming alongside in Hong Kong.
Photo courtesy of Doug Cooper who was LTJG 64-67.
Dave Crompton visited DC for a conference and we were able to get four of us together for a Sunday brunch.  From left to right: Ed Moore, Dave Crompton, Mark Falkey, and Frank Dobrydney.  Don't you think we all look exactly the same as we did in '72-'75? 
Rick Mosier Standing by his car taking in some scenery while  driving across country headed for his next duty station.
Below are photos sent in by John Miller pictured in life jacket during an UnRep
Bell Ringers
John Miller- unidentified-Turk Torrito
Name unknown but same officer in middle above
Officers??? Yeah well even officers have to let thier hair down now and then. Sailors have a name for faces like these but I will not use it here. It is a facial condition that comes from too much beer. 
Fred Lounsberry and John Miller