Picture caption:  The guided missile destroyer USS Joseph Strauss (DDG 16) leads a line of ships including, from foreground: the guided missile destroyer USS Benjamin Stoddert (DDG 22, the frigate USS Robert E. Perry (FF 1073), the frigate USS Sample (FF 1048), the destroyer USS Morton (DD 948), the combat stores ship USS Niagara Falls (AFS 3), and the ammunition ship USS Pyro (AE 24). The vessels are underway off the coast of San Francisco, November 1, 1981. 
Photo from Defense Visual Information Center
Morton in 1981 entering San Francisco Harbor. The Golden Gate Bridge is dead ahead.
Funny, it looks red.
I have no information when this picture was taken but the men are in blues so I doubt it be Hawaii. Looks good here tho.
Mail Drop
Left, 1st Division working hard on new deck tread for Foc'sle
At left, fancy work on and around the quarterdeck greets visitors when they come on board. This is an old naval tradition that goes back to the days of sail.
Anyone have more from the 1981 Fleet Week visit? Please email Rick Palmer

I was onboard the USS MORTON during her participation to Fleet Week '81 in San Francisco.  The day was beautiful; perfect for inport.  There were many boats in the bay  and Embarcadero was filled with eager expectators.  The crew cleaned the ship before liberty was called in the afternoon.  We spent "maximum" liberty for three days.  After fleet week, Morton steamed to San Diego for inport replenishment.  We spent the first day loading provisions for the galley and ship's store.

On our way back to Pearl Harbor, the Commodore sent messages to the squadron; it's a race to Pearl Harbor.  Morton steamed to her maximum for days.  She was first to arrive on the pier.  We all cheered and was very proud of the engineering department.  Admiral Chang came onboard to congratulate the commanding officer, Commander Bell.  Some of Supply Department personnel were Ensign Balanza, MSCS Baricaua, SKC Abordo, MS1 Chopito, MS2 Reyes, MS3 Udan, and SH3 Pascual.  I remember several snipes; MM1 Albano, MM1 Miranda, and MM1 Manglalan.  Morton is salty as ever.

S/ MS1 Rolando G. Blancas

Comments by Al Bell (skipper on Morton when the picture was taken): "This depicts ships entering San Francisco for Fleet Week, one of the highlights of my command tour for many reasons, including the royal welcome by San Francisco, the presence of my wife and my parents, etc. In the Plan of the Day the day the picture was taken, I had a drawing of a naked lady having a uniformed sailor being tattooed onto her arm. My caption said, 'I recommend you wear your uniform ashore on liberty here in San Francisco. It's the only way women here have of knowing that you are straight.' Nevertheless, many sailors initially went ashore in civvies, only to rush back and get into uniform. The reason was that restaurant owners and bartenders were giving free meals and drinks to sailors in uniform.

My wife and I were wined and dined every night that week by Mayor Feinstein or some other dignitary. The city had a huge ceremony in the beautiful, ornate marble-vaulted Civic Center Rotunda. Each CO took his turn under a spotlight at the top of the stairs in the Rotunda while the Master of Ceremonies read our official biography. When a captain's bio was finished, he marched down the red-carpeted stairs between the Marine Honor Guard and Band to shake hands with the Mayor. One night, accepting an invitation for dinner at one of San Francisco's finer restaurants for my wife, sister, her boyfriend and myself, the owner came to our table and offered us any wine we desired with our meal. The sommelier came over and recommended the finest wine in the house -- it must have cost a couple of hundred bucks!"
Below are some sent in by Skip Burdette
Crews Quarters Skip Burdette
Feeling the excitement of visiting San Franciso. Standing on the foc'sle with the famous Golden Gate Bridge ahead.
Some Ping (Jockeys), Sonarmen in forground on the messdecks.
Below is the infamous Alcatraz Federal Prison which is part of the US Park Service since early 70s  after it was closed. Also at left beyond the yacht club you can see it looming.