Robert Stack
                               In Memory  1919-2003
Robert Stack visits Morton in 1967 for two day. I was graciously loaned the cruise book from 1967 for scanning and came across these photos in the book. I have been putting off for too many weeks editing the scans and have wanted to put these pictures as well as others from that cruise book and more into the website. The recent passing of this great actor, a favorite of mine and many others has lit a bit of a fire in my chair. Robert Stack started acting in 1939. His career was interupted, like so many others, by WW II. Bob joined the navy and recieved a commission. He was an aerial gunner and taught aerial gunnery also.
    He was in and starred in many movies such as an early fifties movie with John Wayne as a pilot  on a commercial airline after the war. I saw the movie and it was great. The High and Mighty. Those of us over fifty can best remember him for his role in the TV show " Untouchables" where he portrayed the famous fedral agent Elliot Ness. Later he hosted another long running hit series, " Unsolved Mysteries". He also played in the comedy movie Airplane.
     I hadn't heard of his visit on the Morton before the cruise book and did want to do a page just on it. I am hoping there are more memories and photos on his visit we can add to the page here. Just stories about meeting him and what you might have talked about too. Don't keep it a secret and don't let it get lost with time. Tell the world.
Looking for identity on the crew members also
Bob arriving on the Captain's Gig ,waving to the waiting fans on the ship.
Shaking hands and meeting with the crew.
Above talking with OOD Lt Thomas Moran and left seems to be reflecting while sitting on the Starboard Bridge Wing.
I got a kick out of the picture of Robert Stack in the last newsletter. He had played one of my father's favorite characters as Elliott Ness on the Untouchables and we were avid fans. It was a treat to meet him in person out of costume, and way out of his element. I was pleased to find that he was a real person and a genuine ambassador of good will to the Morton crew. As I recall, we were in company at the time with a carrier, which I think was the Kitty Hawk. The carrier got Nancy (These Boots Were Meant For Walking) Sinatra and we got Robert Stack. At the time we all wished we had gotten Nancy, but in retrospect, Robert was actually the better choice.  I was standing OOD during his visit ,(I am "the officer" in the picture),
and he liked being on the bridge. I got to spend a lot of time with him. He was a very good man and his loss was a personal loss to me.

Because I stood bridge watches while Robert was aboard and the bridge was his favorite place on the ship, he and talked a lot and we struck up
somewhat of a friendship. One day on the bridge he invited me to come to his home in Beverly Hills when we returned from our cruise. I checked in with him when we got back to Long Beach and he actually invited me to his home one afternoon. He and his wife hosted me and a companion to a
lunch and a game of tennis in his backyard. I did not maintain direct contact with him after that, but I did remain a loyal fan.
Thanks for the memories.
Thomas E. Moran, Capt, USNR, Retired
Smiling, he looks natural in the Kapok Life Vest
Bob Stack shaking hands with Craig Kern, RM1.