2nd Morton reunion in 1999 at Washington DC
                35 shipmates attended.
Below are from the 1st reunion, 1996,                            Oyster Bay Inn Bremerton Washington
Plank Owners
42 shipmates made the 1st reunion
A few pictures from the 1st two reunion, thanks to John Kieft
Five Morton Skippers.  October 2001 at the reunion in San Diego.
Left to right: Bill Young (#2), Tom Slattery (#3), Joe Fairchild (#8), Jack McGill (#4), and Al Bell (#15 and final). 
Photo by Al Creasy.

From the 1999 Morton reunion of the plankowner officers.

Seated left to right: Bill Ryan, Wayne Keele, Steve Drabek, John DeLargy
Standing left to right: Jack Felderman, Dick Wilson, Al Creasy
          Capt Tom Slattery
with some men of Fox Div
Some pictures sent in by Cecil T. Chandler who was TM3 on on board 62-66.
From the Oct 2001 reunion in San Diego
Taken by Bob Groom, FT3.
top Chandler TM3, Kieft FT3, Groom FT3, last unknown
, Windham GM1,          unknown,            Hammer GMC
Bob Groom and Tom Chandler telling sea stories
Cartmill BMSN         and            Stamper BM3
                              and wives
Brooks TM2                   and                     Anderson SKSN
                                        and wives
Sauer SOG3
Giamozzi SOG3
Chandler TM3
Groom FT3
Those of whatever generation of Morton who have steamed far perhaps to train or fight in foreign lands share a common feeling.  We know that our greatest comfort was to have our friends close at hand.  Though we consider ourselves patriots, in the heat of operations at sea, or battle, it ceases to be an idea for which we fight, or even a flag.  Rather, we fight for the man on our right, and we fight for the man on our left.  When navies have rusted and been cut up for scrap and crews have been scattered to the four winds, when empires fall away, all that remains is the memory of the precious moments we spent side by side.  Al Bell