Senior Officers Ball Cap is 24.00, two or more @ 22.00 each
Standard Ball Cap and Soulmate Ball Caps are 16.00 each
and two or more @ 15.00 each

Mugs, 11oz. Ironstone, ships name on both sides.
6.00 each, 2 for 11.00 and three or more at 5.00 each plus shipping.

All patches are 5.50 each. 3 or more at 5.00 each in any combination.
Unless otherwise priced. (exception PLPOW patch)

Email, call or write for postage and total. I don't do this for profit and the postage varies with the wieght and is hard to guess.

Any profits will go to the Morton Reunion Association.

Email Rick Palmer

Check or Money Order made to
Rick Palmer
11240 Chapel Rd
Cordova, MD 21625

410 364 5277
Call 443 454 3302

Shellback patch is
4 inch X 5 inch
TGYC patch is five inch
A great way to show your pride in the Morton.
Ball caps are adjustable and all products are of the highest qality.
USS Morton DD 948 Ships Store
Rick Palmer
11240 Chapel Rd
Cordova, MD 21625
410 364 5277
443 454 3302
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Patch for Point Lookout POW Organization, a Southern Heritage group. Patches are 3 inch and 6 inch.
3 inch is 4 dollars
6 inch is 10 dollars
Al proceeds go to the Point Lookout POW organization for Confederate Memorial Park in Southern Maryland

DesRon 5

DesRon 11

DesRon 35

DesRon 25            TF 77
OK, so I'm a Right Wing Nut. My Father fought against left wing nuts in Europe when he and men like him freed Europe from Nazi Tyranny. I had an uncle who was on the beach at Anzio and they went on to free Italy from the fascist and Nazi's. Another uncle who as a sailor in the Pacific fought against the left wing tyranny of Japan. Myself and many good Americans like me fought in a long cold war against left wing nuts which are still trying their damndest to make the US fail. Many of us also fought against left wing communisimn in South East Asia. And lets not forget our brave Korean Vets. Well if that makes me a right wing nut then I am damned proud to still be in the fight against socialist leftism. I am also proud to wear this emblem on my jacket with the other patches I have sewn on it.
RWN patch is 4 X 5 inch
out of standard caps