Capt. Tom Slattery, Skipper recieves the breakeaway flag from a rep of Morton Salt Co. representative Burl Bahl in 1964.  Mr. Bahl was also a WWII Navy Submarine veteran.   Photo by Norb Bybee.
November 1960, from ComCruDesPac News. The four ships were manning the rail to salute President Eisenhower as he passed by in his barge. Al Creasy was OOD when the boat was passing.
Morton after ASW modernization during the 70's
Pierside in 1966. Must be liberty call
Mt 32 & Mk 56 GFCS
Stb side Mk 56
These photos taken during 1966 courtesy of John Kieft
Helo Un-Rep left, Mt 51 and 31 below
Busy day for Mts 32 and 52 off the coast of Vietnam in May 1966
Morton made more than it's share of trips to those waters
USS Ranger CV 61 above, refuleing Morton and doing a highline transfer.
Many thanks to John Kieft for these photo memories
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Rick Palmer
"The Saltiest Ship in the Fleet"
October 1959, enroute to San Diego.  Official US Navy Photo.
Special thanks to the Morton Salt Co. for these "Salty" images.