Commanding Officers
John DeLargy   RADM USN Ret.    May 23, 2005
First Commanding Officer   1959-1960
Thomas G. Slattery, CDR, USN (Retired)  Jan 15, 2007
Third Commanding Officer 5 Sept. 1962 - 25 July 1964.
Robert E. Bodamer                1992
Fifth Commanding OfficerOf Morton 1965-1966
Joseph D Fairchild DR USN Ret Jan 9, 1924- Oct 29, 2009
Eighth Commanding Officer
Plank Owners
Edward W. Arth died April 9, 2006 Virginia Beach, VA,
James G Burch   Oct 20, 1941 - Sept 16, 1969
      1958-61 FT2, New Orleans, La.
Bruce DeCosta           November 9, 1979
Herb Dubus           Sept 1997
   Retired STCM , Clifton Texas
Donald P. Hammer      June 3, 2001
    RM1  1959-1963.    Ashland, WI.
Ronald Jones    March 20, 2005
            SN     1959 - 1960 
  Willie Johnson, SDCM (Ret), passed away
      on May 18, 2005.   SN 59-60
  Wayne Keele, LCDR, USN, (Ret) October 3, 2007
    West Monroe, LA.     Operations Officer 1958-60
Paul D. Kelly, RDCS, Nov. 25, 2002
                                 age 76
Melvin Huffman   Ret BTCS   D-May 21, 2004
   On board 1959-62            
Cecil McCloud   B- Feb 17, 1918, D- Dec. 7, 1999
at age 81. Pearl Harbor Survivor
         ETC   USN Retired
John A. McMorris, LTJG, served asPlankowner2nd                   Division Officer.  He died in 2005.
William T. Moore      LTJG    died May 14, 1978
Robert V. Novratil, LTJG, served as Plankowner Engineering Officer.  He died in 1999.

Ray Petersen   died July 8, 2007 in Idaho Falls, Idaho
         MM3 1959 - 1963
Jim Sheffer    March 31, 1999
    MM3  1959 to 1963. 
Harold G. Silvers  MMC 1959 - 1960.  Date of death about 2005.
Richard A. (Dick) Wilson, age 69, died July 29, 2006 in Summit, New Jersey. Communications Officer from May 1959 to  October 1961
Plank Owner 2nd Commisioning
Art Ouellette     April 1993
     Retired USN as LTCDR

Crew Members
Ron R. Anzalone   March 2 1999
    FTG3 1963-67
Ron Benoit,  of Livingston, TX, died May 23, 2006
        SN in 1965 and 1966
Roger Thomas Brinksneader  21 July 1942 to 20   April 1974       HT1 73-74
E.E. (Ben) Benjamin  died April 5, 2003
   in Toutle , Wa
Duane Bower     died Feb 1999
    Executive Officer 1980-81
Wm Oscar Burris CWO4 1978-81 dies Dec 17, 2009
    Va Beach VA
Bob Calissi     21 Jun 2006 in Drexel Hill, PA
      BT3     72-75
Donald Cavasos           Sept, 2003
   SH3     66-69
Robert Jasper Childers        April 10,1966
     SA   lost overboard about midnight  
Conrad George Cinq-Mars, Jr.  6/23/54         2/21/07
         QM3  1974-76      Gig Harbor, WA.
Robert [Bob] Christlieb   17 May 2005
      MM1   1963-Dec.1965
Gary Cross    died March 12, 2004 in St. Charles, MO
      SM1 on board  Dec 1959 - Dec 1962
Richard Curtis, age 61, Aug. 22, 1947 - Jan. 3, 2009
       Newton KS
Micheal Dick died 1974 accident in Hong Kong  STG2   72-74
Raymond J. Dilts       MM1  on board from 1979 - 1982.  He      died in Raleigh, NC on March 13, 2004.
Charles Fagan died Nov 6, 2006   Quitman, MS. 
   MMC from 1961 - 1964."
Johnnie Gilmore       Date Unknown
     SD2                   1966
James Gist      1998 in Rochester, Wa.
     HT 1 USN Ret.  72-75
Carl J. Grabelski  USN Retired   1994
     SHC, 1966 to 1968. 
Kennith Greer       1978 West Pac
                  MMFA died on board
Gene Harrington  DC2 1967-68

Robert L. Hatcher         December 7, 1996.
     MMC   Buried in Arlington 
Robert Heiser  IC 3 1963-64  Died Jan 16, 2010
    Sebastion, FL
George E Lindsay         May 28-1999
     Heyburn ,Idaho   Was GM in 1967-68
Mike McLain    May 27, 1938 to July 20, 1962
   From Fargo ND, served as Ens 1961-62
Bill McMahon      Deceased Feb 2003
    Fitzwater Spring, TX    GMG3  1966
Mike Maley  GMSN  about 1975
    On Board 72-75
Jack Matz    Mishawaka, IN   2005
    GMGSN, 1963 - 1965
Jack H. Palmer OSC Ret-Died March 23, 2008
     RDC  1962 - 1966     Pahrump, Nevada.
Michael Pankow   died Feb 5, 2008 in Beaverton, Oregon. 
            FTG3 1966
Woody Phelps  died San Diego Feb 28, 2004
     SK 1 April 1962 - June 1965
Ken Quadro           May 9, 2001
       CS  1965-1967
John Ira Richardson SHC Ret. died age 65 on December 15, 
      2003 in Kingsville Texas
  William Rush   May 13, 1967,
     died in Vietnam  in Dinh Thuong Province
     Vietnam Memorial Wall Panel 19 Row 112
Chris Schultz STG3 1967 Died Oct 28, 2009 age 63
    Ridgecrest CA
Terry Thomas      January 22, 1998
     BTC 1971-1975
John Versman   about 2001
George Wheeler    Date Unkonwn 
Donald W. Wilmouth, BTC, November 15, 1932 died April 29 1980.  He served aboard Morton in the mid 1960s as a BT1
retired from Navy in 1975

Return to Quarterdeck
Eternal Father, Strong to Save,
Whose arm hath bound the restless wave
Who bid'st the mighty Ocean deep
Its' own appointed limits keep
O hear us when we cry to thee
for those in peril on the sea
May all our departed shipmates rest in peace
Oh God, Your Sea Is So Great and My Boat Is So Small
M Huffman
Please, if there is anyone who is not in here that you have any information on at all please contact me so they can be on this page of honor for our departed ship mates. It's the least we can do. If there is any information you can add or any mistakes to change please contact me. Any birth dates, years on board, rate when on board,death dates,  obituaries and pictures.
Rick Palmer
The Gentle touch of our savours hands
guides me thru storm tossed seas
His gentle word
calms the wind in my sail
They that go down to the sea in ships, That do business in great waters; These see the works of the Lord, and his wonders in the deep.
  ( Psalms 107: 23-24)
Mike McLain
In Memorium:
In the Second Book of Shmuel (Samuel), 22nd chapter, 5th through the 19th verses, translated from the original in Hebrew and published by the Koren Publishers of Jerusalem, Israel, can perhaps aptly describe the fate of the crew and all other U.S.sailors who died defending their county:

"When the waves of death compassed me / the floods of ungodly men made me afraid; / the bonds of She'ol encircled me; / the snares of death took me by surprise; / in my distress I called upon the Lord, / and cried to my GOD: / and he heard my voice out of his temple, / and my cry entered into his ears. / Then the earth shook and trembled; /the foundations of heaven moved / and shook because of his anger /...the heavy mass of waters, and thick clouds of the skies /... And the channels of the sea appeared, / the foundations of the world were laid bare, / at the rebuking of the Lord, at the blast at the breath of his nostrils. / He sent from above, he took me; / he drew me out of many waters; / he delivered me from my strong enemy, and from those who hated me; for they were too strong for me. / They surprised me in the day of my calamity: / but the Lord was my stay..."
W Keele
My brothers lie in state,
In clear waters
Of testimony, their willingness
To answer our Nation's call.
   An angel bends down, whispers in my ear,
   Never forget. Never forget.
   Honor them. They
   Gave their lives for you.
   No man hath a greater love.
         Do them honor.
        And never forget.