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Model Warships 72
Based in Austrailia
Model Warships is a website put together by a country DJ in Austrailia who builds larges scale model working warships. Mike Kear has a good online show on
you can give a listen to. Mike loves to hear from people all over the world and answers all emails.
Poems and writings of the Sea
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some gave all

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USS Morton Links
A lot of these email stories being passed around are far from the truth. Use this excellent website to find the trues story or if the one you just receieved is true or not before you forward it to friends.
Hoax Busters
Forrest Sherman is slated for Historic preservation berthed at Solomins Island, Maryland in near future. Please help.
  Prayers in Bubbles” is a simple act where we write letters.  Letters to the enlisted serving abroad (in conflict or in kind), thanking them for their commitment and devoutness, by paying tribute with garner, a parade and taking a moment to salute our soldiers in solace, and releasing as many bubbles as one can - Wow.
P.S.  I will blow a bubble for you!

Prayers In Bubbles Website
Prayers In Bubbles
P.O. BOX 265    Constantine, Michigan 49042
BNS Wielingen F 910
Ship of the Belgian Navy during Desort Storm
WMAF AM 1230 Classic Country from Madison FL. Listen Online
Shipmate from USS New in mid 60s, retired BTC has a program of good Classic Country. Listen for Jerry Trail
USS Morton website for Excellent Patriotic Website
Historic Fleet
There is an ongoing effort to bring Edson to Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Please help.
Ships of the Historic Fleet need your help. These are privately funded foundations with very little government monies donated. The paperwork alone is a tremendous expense. Upkeep on an active ship is very expensive and labor intensive as all Navy Vets know. They deteriorate just as fast sitting next to a pier. Money is always needed but volunteer work is also needed. Find one near you and see what you can do to help save them for future generations to learn about our history.
Business websites of crew members
Palmer Equipment Repair
On Site Truck, Industrial, Farm and Construction Equipment Repair. Efforts to save the
Charles F Adams DDG2 first of the class