Crews pictures
           Looking for similar photo's and names of those in them.
Monopoly game in 1st div. quarters about
1975.Good looking fellow with beard is Rick Palmer then OS2. To My left is SN Stanley Koep. Opposite in T shirt is SN Doug Beadle. To his left is SN Jackson Stodgel. In skivvies is Alan D. Lewis.  Recognize any others?
OI div in CIC about 1974. Lt JG Crompton  OI Div officer, leaning on the scope behind me.
Crumpy's Crunchers.
Looking for more pictures like this and names if anyone can recognize anyone. Contact    Rick Palmer
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Radarmen in CIC are left to right by head.
Dudleston, Serocki, Karwacki,Ramsey, Shroeder, Crousore, Mack Belcher,Rick Palmer in front,John Lyons, LTJG Crompton, Nichols, Carlton, Jim Lavign. Head in center in back between, Belcher and Palmer I cannot identify. Please excuse any names mispelled. Been a while. Above was during 1974.
OSC Kent Smith, pictured below, was our CPO and a finer man or CPO I have yet to meet. 1975
Alan Fisher left with his "baby", (motorbike) and Jeff Trumble. Both OS's who were on in 75-76
OSSN Jeff Trumble relaxing in barracks during 1975
ET3 Steve Cossey by hedge at BEQ barracks. Main Gate (Nimitz) is just to the left of the picture.
FN Tim Hainen. Thanks to Scott Miller for these 3 photos.
I canít say for sure who the re-enlisting RM3 is but I think his name is RM3 Makua.  The Re-enlsting officer is CDR William Fox and the other is the XO LCDR Bernard Cole (CDR Fox made CAPT and LCDR Cole made RDML!)
Bob "Schultzee" Schultz
Some of the 'A' Gang in 1980
Sent in by Schultzee
In 1974 Morton had a midshipmen cruise. Other than going to sea and learning we went no where else, but then we were in Hawaii. This group was lucky enough to get assigned to OI Div. I can't remember what college they were from but one of the boys had lived in the same county I lived for many years in Maryland. As we talked about it and he told me the school he went to and mentioned a teacher he had that I had known growing up. My first love. I had been put in charge of these young lads and they left the Morton with some good memories and a little richer in shipboard knowledge. I wish I could remember their names