Ken Weekly OSSN 76-77
An upshot of mast showing SPS 40 antenna. It was the responsibility of the OS to keep the mast in shape and painted.
At right is a view of the Sub Base Pearl Harbor.
Beautiful sunset on the Pacific
Below sittin in civvies is OS3 Fisher, OM3 Cinqmars, standing is Sn Block
Right is SN Hooser of 1st Div
OS3 Beemer
He was an OS and on messcook duty when this was taken. Anyone remember his name??
This was taken in Taiwan. Anyone recognize him?
Anyone know this man??
Chief Ramarez and Jim Duddleston at a ships party in Hawaii
Some shipmates on the foc'sle
Unknown in CIC
Sitting in CIC, OS3 Burger behind me
on ASROC Deck at sea
Old Freind OS3 Jeff Trumble
Playing guitar and hanging around on the 5 inch.