CPO Quarters
These pages are for and about the Chief Petty Officers who so honorably served on the USS Morton DD 948 and the US Navy. If you were a Chief or family of a Chief and want to share your life and times or just some pictures this space is reserved for you.
OSCM Kent Smith USN Ret.
On board 1972 to 1976
Emmit E. Topping MMCS and Robert R. Aney SMC
Emmit E. Topping MMCS and Daniel D. LaVecchia CSC
Harold G. Silvers MMC, Melvin E. Huffman BTC,
and Roy E. Freeman EMC
Lafayette F. Vinson RMC,Cecil W. McCloud ETC,
and  Paul D. Kelly RDC.
The pictures were provided by Paul D. Kelly RDC and were taken during the 1959 commissioning ceremony.
Paul Kelly Passed away Nov. 25, 2002
Plankowner Chief's
ETC Cecil McCloud about 1962
ETCS Cecil McCloud in 1991 at the 50th anniversery of Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7th, 1941 to 1991. Chief McCloud was on the USS Nevada on that day in 1941 and was a Pearl Harbor Survivor. He passed away on Dec. 7th 1999. Obituary on memorials page.

Thanks to his daughter
Joan McCloud Mecteau  for sending these